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Carpet Repairs

Our technicians put your carpet back together using the most skilled techniques available.  Seaming and alignment are critical to putting it back together. 

We also offer stretching.  Bumps and carpet humps and buckling are a common problem in Houston. When it is cold one day and hot the next day, the carpet tends to give and buckling appears.  If your carpet is not re-stretched properly, you will have this problem all over again. We remove the furniture and get the weight off to get a good tight pull. We then use power stretchers to take all the excess give out of the carpet and then re-tack it on the tack strip, cutting the excess.

Carpet pulls and snags:  Has a pet or a sharp object damaged your carpet with a run, snag or void?  Our skilled carpet technicians re-burl your carpet using the same carpet yarn and repair the area to almost as good as new.  This technique is like re-weaving and creates a strong yarn hold in the damaged area.