Keys Restoration - We Clean it Up! We Make it Safe!

Carpet Cleaning

We use the most advanced and thorough cleaning method available today, which is the truck mounted deep steam cleaning.  We not only clean and sanitize your carpet, our heated steam method kills contaminants such as dust mites, pet dander, and outdoor pollutants tracked in from outside.  Truck mounted steam cleaning with heat and steam breaks down the oils, grease, and dirt ground into the carpet fibers.  Along with the proper pre-sprays and agitation, the carpet fiber is restored, smells fresh and clean, and feels soft and supple again.  Regular cleaning prolongs and adds years to the life of your carpet. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing your upholstery prolongs the life of your furniture and also reduces dust mite contaminants and other indoor pollutants.  These allergen sources can trigger allergic reactions.  Our cleaning products not only destroy these unhealthy contaminants, but also break down and remove body soils, pet dander and oils, food spills and other dirt. We restore the fabric and upholstery back to life and add cleanliness with that clean, fresh, sanitized look and smell to all your upholstery pieces.    
We power vac and remove surface dust and dirt.
We check fabric content to determine the most suitable cleaning method.
We clean and sanitize cushions, arm rests, seats, backs and all pillows. Then power dry the pieces.  

Tile Cleaning

Eventually your tile floors will need professional attention. Bring your tile and grout back to life. We use the newest state of the art equipment and products to make your tile and grout as clean as it can be.
We power scrub the tile surface and hand scrub the tile joints using special brushes and cleaners that strip and remove the stubborn, ground in dirt.  We extract the dirty water then clean rinse the entire surface. We then recommend the grout be re-sealed. 

We restore it and we always tell our customers

“If that stubborn spot or stain will come out, we will work on it until it does”