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Key’s Restoration is the water damage expert:

One of our Key services is water damage restoration. 

Through the use of infrared technology, we provide detection and location of water and moisture.  If water becomes trapped behind walls and other material not visible to the naked eye, bacteria and mold can rapidly begin to grow and spread.  It is critical to detect, locate and remove water damaged material within a 24 to 48 hour window to prevent this from occurring.  The proper mold retardant products and dry-out equipment must also be utilized.  Moisture monitoring and dry out should always be carefully conducted.

Family Health Risks
Water damage can contaminate the air, creating a poor air quality that can have dangerous effects on your family’s health.  Mold and mildew can compromise your home environment and negatively impact the respiratory system, potentially causing medical complications in children, elderly, adults, and even pets.  In some cases, this can lead to chronic respiratory problems and in other extreme cases (like allergies to mold spores), lung infections, pneumonia, or other health complications could occur.  The Key to minimizing health risks within your home environment is to assure that a proper dry out process has been implemented.

Home Value Risks
Water damage has to be disclosed to buyers in order to sell your house.  Even if it appears as if your home is like new or as if the water damage did not occur, Inspectors have the technology and ability to detect it and therefore the potential for mold.  This can put the sale of your house at risk and make you liable if it is not fixed properly and/or disclosed, even years after the house is sold.  If not treated properly, water damage can negatively impact your home value, making it difficult to sell. 

Pipes break, water heaters leak, and hurricanes cause roof damage or leakage.  These things eventually happen to almost all houses.  It is the way you handle them that makes the difference.  If you use Key’s Restoration, which is a State licensed company for mold remediation, you can confidently disclose that you fixed the problem.   It will show that your home has been properly repaired and maintained so that it is safe and passes inspection for prospective home buyers.